Tuesday, March 9

Book review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson.
Written by Cat

I really enjoy a good crime novel and love intrigue and drama in a story (off course my addiction to CSI speaks of the same love). This book is exceptionally brilliant within it's genre.

The plot is interesting in the hidden layers of motives and actions keeps it filled with tension throughout the book. I would have never guessed the final outcome and the plot eventually almost becomes two separate mysteries rolled into one storyline.

At times the book is very graphic about sex and violence - after all the story line leads to such type of material, but never unjustified. It is also interesting to gain an insight in the Swedish way of life and society as well as short descriptions of the lifestyle that never bores you.

I feel that the strongest element to the book is not the excellent story line, but the great characterization. Each and every character, even very minor ones, are drawn full rounded with enough information to let your imagination fill out the person, without becoming long winded and overly descriptive. The main characters deploy themselves to you as the book progresses and grow to involve you to form your opinion regarding them. They are rich and developing and hold your attention right to the end.

I will certainly recommend this book to anyone that is not an overly sensitive reader. I can not wait to read the second book in the series.


Becca said...

I think the second book was even better than the first! And now, I can't wait for the third to come out in a couple of months.

I loved this one as well, and have since loaned it to three of my friends!

Mel said...

ah Brazen, I ordered the book as soon as you posted the list for last month...and its still sitting here on my shelf BUT now that I have read your review I am definitely going to start it these school hols....when hopefully i get time to r e l a x!

Marc said...

The fascinating thing about Stieg Larsson is that his books had been around for a good few years in Sweden before they were translated into English and suddenly went flying up the bestseller lists.

You will love the second and third books which have some real cliff-hanger moments!

desi said...

this is the best crime novel i've read.I started it Sunday night and finished it Tuesday night. i couldnt put it down.
and next weekend im getting the other 2 from my grandma too. Becca..the 3rd is out already..:)
get it quick ! :)