Monday, January 18



First off,  I should mention that this is not your typical book club...we don't all have to read the same books and there is no set meeting date or any obligation to write a review.

Here is what I will be doing and what you can do:

* Every TWO months I will pick a list of books (4 to 6) - I will consider recommendations for books from anyone.
* Then, you can pick one or a couple to read from the book list
* you have TWO months to finish it/them - if you want to read along (Sometimes im a distracted reader, so i need plenty of time)* Then you may submit a review of what you read, if you want  to, and I may post it  (if there are a few reviews about the same book, I will probably only use one)
* IF you don't like any of the books on the list  - thats cool  - I dont mind hearing about anything you reading (so feel free to send a review in about any book you may have read).;


caronbc said...

I'm in!
What a great idea. Hope I can read fast enough.

Mel said...

niiiice! I am in - have been wanting to read Stieg's book for jonks - off to order it from LOOT right now.

Honey Bee said...

I think I'm going to read the girl with the dragon tattoo. But what if it's too depressing..I hate depressing books!

cat said...

Hallo - great to meet you! So can I send you the link to a book review of one of your chosen books that I have already reviewed? I think I will do so - you can decide.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and gotta say: LUV IT!