Friday, January 22

Time to read

Recently I've felt like I don't have enough to read - but I guess this is mainly due to the fact that Iv'e allowed reading to drop down to the bottom of my priorities list (naughty) and I tend to procrastinate alot.

This year one of my personal goals is to read more (which is one of the reasons I started this blog).

Here are a few tips on how to find more time to read:

* Go to bed a bit later. Spend fifteen minutes before bed reading a chapter or two of your favorite book. You may lose a little bit of sleep, but you'll get a chance to do some extra reading.
* Multi-task your reading. Carry a book with you so you can read whenever there's an opportunity, such as: in the doctor's waiting room, lunch times at the office.
* Turn off the TV. Most people watch hours and hours of TV each week. Turn off a sitcom to get thirty minutes of commercial-free reading.
* "Read" your books in the car. Instead of reading traditional books, consider audio books. You can listen to them in the car, so they're ideal for people with a long commute to work.

- above tips from E-how


Prixie said...

it was easy to read more in london cos of the public transport. now my reading time is much reduced, but i must, must every night!

Shayne said...

I have found that my reading time is reduced becoz i'm spending more time on my laptop.

No good.

I do lug my book wherever i go tho.

Crystal said...

I love your book blog!! Thanks for letting me know about it. Reading in bed before I fall asleep is my favorite time to read. P.S. I'm currently reading "Rabbit, Run" by John Updike, haven't finished it yet but I already recommend it. :)

I'm so not a blogger said...

Am loving your book blog! i have done a post about it over at The Book Club Blog