Tuesday, February 2

Book review: Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
review by Prixie
If there is not a soul familiar with this story, then they were probably stuck in the bowels of Hades.

Much to my surprise, the Walt Disney movie version remained very true to this classic story. It is such an outright quirky yet delightful tale, it makes you wonder if the author was under any sort of, er, influence. I mean caterpillars that smoke the sheesha, Alice arguing with herself, cards painting white roses red and a Queen of Hearts with a sadistic penchant to say "Off with their heads!" Really, it makes you want to crawl into Carroll’s mind to be a bystander!

Overall, this classic comes highly recommended for anyone at any age. Now I cannot wait for the Tim Burton interpretation of the book into a movie. And I am sure many of you cannot wait to see Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter too!


Paige said...

ooh, my absolute favourite book of all time.
can't wait for the movie.

Anna said...

i saw a sneak peek of the movie last night! it looks amazing!!
p.s. when i was little this story atually gave me nightmares, my grandmother's old book had the most vivid illustrations.

Prixie said...

Thanks BB! :) Oooh, this is so weird! My work up for public scrutiny and I CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE SCRUTINY. As a journalist, there is rarely feedback from readers!

I have some link love

cannot wait to do another one. :)