Friday, February 5

Choosing books

I'm rather picky when it comes to choosing books to read.

Here is how I usually choose a book to read.....

* I try stay away from anything political, depressing, scary or disturbing (because if i want to fill my head with negativity & politics i'll just read the news).

* I often go for fiction novels that contain a dash of romance and/or a touch of magic (or a bit of the supernatural) in them. I think reading is suppose to to be a kind of "escape" from reality.
Note: Occassionally I do notice an autobiography or biography about a person I deeply admire and then I have to read it (but this doesn't happen too often)

* Sometimes I am swayed by book covers (i know, i know, never judge a book by its cover...blah blah blah) but don't you think sometimes a good cover can change the way you look at some books?

* I stick to authors that I know and love. I always read everything I can find by authors I love. Only problem is that sometimes I read faster than they can write books (how selfish of them *winks*)

* I should also admit that I like to read what I wish I had written or what I feel is closest to my own writing style .
* oh and of course...another great way to pick a book to read is to start a book blog where you have to make a book list every 2 months - really helps me find some new books to try *winks*

How do you pick your books to read?
What type of books do you like to read?


Anonymous said...

I have easiely 300 books to read, which leads to me being very overwhelmed with choosing a good book. Typically I'll choose something that a friend or a co-worker recommends before any of my others!

cat said...

Oh I pick based on most of what you mention. I stay away from poverty in India books - I have read enough of them to last me a lifetime. I also read what is available in the book club and then I try to read the prize winners - the Booker, The orange award, the pulitzer, the whitbread and maybe something byt he Nobel prize winner. I see you like fantasy - do you read Afrikaans? Do you like Marquez, Allende etc? The you have to read this "Die swye van Mario Salviatti"