Wednesday, September 1

Clever book bag

Look its a its a bag...
Apparently this clever, canvas book bag  was sent to Anthropologie’s (a top US store) top customers in 2008 as a Holiday gift and thank you. Its very cool.


Robynne May said...

Haha, nifty is the word that comes to mind. Congratulations on being nominated for the blog awards!

Sid said...

Congrats. On your blog nomination. Book bag is adorable.

Mozette said...

G'day from Australia... I just found your wonderful blog through My name is Mozetter and I also have a book blog and thought to leave you a note to let you know that I've added you onto my blog roll as well as begun following you.

My blog is: My Reading List

I hope you best on your nomination and reading only the best books around!