Monday, November 22

Book review: Cutting for Stone

Cutting for Stone By Abraham Verghese
reviewed by JHB Princess

I loved this book. I have no idea how exactly to start this review except to say - I loved it! It was the kind of book which left me bookless for a good few weeks after I’d read it, in book mourning really*.

The story is set in Ethiopia around the 1950’s, at a mission hospital called Missing (actually Mission, but the name was confused by one of the locals and became Missing), and centers around Marion and Shiva Stone. The story is told by Marion, and starts before they were born, with their mother as a young woman and her voyage to Ethiopia.

Although complex and full of many different relationships, between the boys, their parents, the dead and other characters, the one underlining question remains - who is the boy’s father and how did they come to be.

Naturally there’s a little love triangle, a few moments which may leave you close to tears, a little suspense and a slight twist or two.

Abraham Verghese’s fantastic use of the English language as well as the gorgeous way he describes Ethiopia, human emotions, the complex and diverse relationships truly has one bonding with the characters and not wanting the book to end!

I highly recommend this book.

*The reluctance to start a new book, in fear it just won’t match up to the last.


Unknown said...

I've been deliberating over this book for some time now but your reviews convinced me to get it :) x

Luxembourg said...

This book started a little slow and I do not like reading about surgery wounds and disease but the story it worth it. I marked so many passages because I want to be able to go back and reread them just for inspiration. Abraham Verghese has a beautiful way of telling a story and describing feelings I had to check to make sure it was a work of fiction.