Monday, November 8

Recent book buys

Recently I bought myself these two books (I hope to read them both over the December holidays):

1. The Brave by Nicholas Evans - Nicholas Evans is definitely in my top 10 favourite authors. I have read all of his previous books and loved them. This is his latest book. I can't wait to read it. Here's a  bit about the book (from Amazon): "Alternating past and present, Evans expertly juggles his twin narratives until they come shatteringly together as father and son yield to the combined weight of the secrets they hide. Combining elements of the prep school drama, the Hollywood novel, the western, and the war story, Evans (The Horse Whisperer) skillfully mixes genres to create a real crowd-pleaser."

2. Playing with the Grown-ups by Sophie Dahl  - I actually chose this book more for it's pretty cover, than the fact that I was curious to read a book by Roald Dahl's, ex-supermodel, granddaughter. After buying it I read about the book and it sounds delightful. Heres a bit about the book (from "To Kitty, growing up at Hay House, surrounded by bluebell woods and doting relations, is heaven. But for her mother, the restless Marina, a silver-eyed beauty who paints and weeps with alacrity, Hay cannot provide the novelty or excitement she so craves.Swami-ji, Marina’s guru, sees her future in New York, and so the family is scooped up and relocated, leaving Kitty exiled in a colourless boarding school. Reprieve comes in the form of the guru’s summons to the ashram, but then, just as Kitty is approaching enlightenment, they are off again, leaving everything behind to come back to an England that is fast and unfamiliar. And Kitty, turning fourteen, must choose: whether to play dangerous games with the grown-ups or to finally put herself first."

What book/s have you bought recently?


Unknown said...

The Sophie Dahl book is wonderfully written and from interviews I have read slightly autobiographical. It was a little disturbing in place, but a lovely book. I highly recommend it. I have fallowed your main blog for a while and completely love it and as a big reader I have started following your book blog to. Looking forward to some great reads. Have a good week. Amberx

Jacci said...

i read the sophie dahl book, and agree with amber that the storyline is a little odd at times, but overall a fabulous read for the holidays.

Sid said...

I haven't bought any books recently. Currently reading Nineteen eighty-four by George Orwell. It is a classic.

Might be more books for my trip to Mozam. Did I mention that I'm going to Mozam???

Anonymous said...

Loved Little Princes by Conor Grennan. Gotta read it.