Thursday, March 31

Finished & starting: Sarah Addison Allen

Since discovering Sarah Addison Allen, a year or two ago, I have been smitten with her style of writing and the way she interweaves the real with the magical (much like my other favourite author, Alice Hoffman does).

Recently I finished The Girl Who Chased The Moon, the third novel by Sarah Addison Allen, and absolutely loved it.
In a nutshell - it's a very sweet tale about a girl who, after her mother passes away, moves to a new town to live with her almost giant-sized grandfather. While on her search to discover more about her mother's past, she befriends a boy with an unusual family secret and a woman who hopes her baking will bring lost loves back to her. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sweet and whimsical read.

This week I ordered her latest novel, The Peach Keeper, online (note: it will be available in South Africa from April). I really cannot wait to read it and have read nothing but good reviews about it. Heres a tiny bit about the book :
"At 30, Willa Jackson returns to her small Southern hometown, Walls of Water, N.C., in the wake of a failed marriage to her college sweetheart. She's determined now to lead the quiet life she believes her father wants her to have, but is soon derailed by the wealthy and powerful Osgoods, the family that shaped her high school experience." -


Reeder Reads said...

I read "The Peach Keeper" recently and it was very sweet and endearing just like her other novels. If you have yet to pick up "The Sugar Queen" or "Garden Spells", you're missing out. Those two are my favorites by far! Happy Reading! :)

Janine / Being Brazen said...

Reeder Readers: I have read both of those books - loved them too. I think Garden Spells is still my favourite.

Bailey Schneider said...

Can't wait to get my hands on these books.

Thanks BB!

Much love, Vanilla Blonde

I'm so not a blogger said...

i loved the Sugar Queen, it was a lovely book:-)

Espana said...

The Girl Who Chased the Moon contains all the magic and sparkle of Sarah's previous novels, this time in the form of the sweetness of cake and the glow of young love. Emily Benedict moves to her mother's hometown following her death. Greeted with cold shoulders and dark glances, Emily has no idea that her mother's legacy is not one the town is willing to forgive. With her eight-foot tall grandfather choosing to spend more time in his bedroom than explaining her past to Emily, she is forced to fend for herself and find out why Mullaby, and a boy named Win, are so mysterious.