Friday, July 15

Books I love... by Annika

Written by Annika

1.The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet by Reif Larsen

This book made me so happy when I read it and I laughed so much people stared at me when I was in a public place. It is part comic book, part family saga with an unlikely hero:

Meet T.S. Spivet - boy cartographer, award nominee, hobo. The story follows him on his journey to accept his award and ultimately to find peace with his silent, stone-faced cowboy father.

The layout is part of what makes this book so special as the square format literally holds the story together. Each chapter is accompanied by maps, graphs and observation by T.S. Notes about the human condition and life as we know it and sometimes just how it is in the eyes of a little boy.

2.Why do you kill? by Juergen Todenhoefer

Reading this broke my heart in a good way. It’s a bit difficult to explain as this book just confirmed for me what I suspected all along.

Juergen Todenhoefer, former German government member turned media mogul, travelled undercover to Iraq to speak with the local resistance. People fighting not only for their freedom from the Americans, but also from Al Qaida in their own country. He tells their story of how this is achieved by the highest standards of humanity and utter respect for the innocent human life.

In a nutshell he is a man who inspired me, telling a sad, true story that gives hope.

3.The Travel Book by Lonely Planet

I think technically this could be considered a coffee table book, but then again usually coffee table books are not meant to be read. I read in this book all the time. Two pages dedicated to each country there is in the world: pictures, map, things to do, best time to go, etc. Condensed to give an overview in the most beautiful and inspiring way possible. At one point mine was covered in two different coloured post-its from front to back – one colour for countries I have been to, one colour for countries I still want to go (quite a lot more of those unfortunately).

It’s quite big and heavy, but I love it so much that it has moved across oceans already twice with me. If I can’t travel, I will browse to feel away and better. It’s my mini-vacation vacation book.

4. The Brothers Lionheart by Astrid Lindgren

When I was little my cousin’s mother died and I just asked her if she was sad. She said no, because her mother was in Nangijala. Astrid Lindgren created Nangijala, an afterlife and a land in the “campfire and storytelling days”. That’s where the Brother Lionheart meet again after they both have died and where the story really starts. It’s simply the most amazing story of two very unlikely brothers, having adventures and conquering evil against all odds.

I always liked the idea about this kind of afterlife. It also stuck with me since childhood that a story can give someone such comfort and would have such beautiful power to change a grieving child’s world. My Dad gave me a new copy a few years ago and it travels with me; it has become my ‘Alchemist’ and my ‘Little Prince’, explaining the inexplicable things in life.
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